They have recognized that although the parlays provide quick score, a season that is largely consisting of steady 2-1 type days will be even more profitable than the big hits that the parlays offer.

This is true even in a good overall season. So when considering sports betting handicapping, make more straight bets and do fewer parlays on todays matches predictions.

Don’t Chase Your Losses which is One of the common most mistakes that most amateur sports betting handicappers make, and probably the priciest, is that betting their streaks without thinking for whatever possibilities may occur.

They just press their losses, thus raising the stakes to get back to even off a losing streak Well, if you want to be successful in your sports betting handicapping, you should remember that there will be times when you lose more than you win.

That happens to everybody, so you are not an exemption. Therefore, rather than raising the stakes when you find yourself losing, it is best to lower it.

Consider your bankroll while waiting for things to turn around. To put it simply, don’t chase your losses.